How to Get Beautiful and Sculpted Legs

Looking good in shorts and short skirts is possible only with a pair of well-toned and sculpted legs. Not all of us are born with naturally good looking legs but with these easy to do exercises, you can get perfect legs. To work out legs to get them looking firm and strong, you need to focus on all portions of your legs from hips down. So calves, thighs, glutes, hamstrings and overall muscle tone are extremely important components for beautiful legs.

Here’s how you can get beautiful and sculpted legs:

Getting those enviable legs can be an achievable goal but in fact, it will take some hard work and lot of determination from your side. Running is also a great workout to build those beautiful legs but apart from running and  power walking, there are few workouts that can help you get those legs that will look like a million bucks.

Exercises which will need “props”

  • Step Ups – what you will need is a low stool, a stepper or even a chair. You have to place one foot on the stool/stepper/chair and then lift the other foot to join it. So if you are stepping up with your right foot, bring up the left foot. Then bring the right foot back down followed by the left foot.
  • Squats with weights – Hold weights in your hands and standing up straight, lower your body pretending as if you are about to sit on a chair. Lower your body as much as you can and then rise up again.
  • Leg presses – this is a fabulous machine in a gym that results in overall toning of the legs. Essentially it involves you sitting down and then pushing back a certain amount of weight with your leg muscles.
  • Leg extension machines – again, in the gym these are great for getting toned legs. You can sit down and curl up your legs with a certain amount of weights.
  • Using the pulley machine – with a slight adjustment, this machine can help you work out the abductors and adductors (inner and outer thighs) in turn.

Exercises which you can do almost anywhere:

  • Leg lifts – you can do this by lying down on a mat. The exercises consist of lifting and lowering your legs smoothly and gently using the muscles of your legs to do the workout and not the momentum.
  • Leg extensions – this will need you to be on all fours on a mat. Lift one foot and leg so that the sole of that foot is facing up. Straighten the leg out and bring it back in again.
  • Squats – keeping your back straight, lower your body similar to the movement of sitting on a chair. Stop when your thighs are parallel to the ground and rise up again.

With all these exercises, start with a comfortable number of repetitions and then progressively add on in terms of numbers and weights so your muscles are constantly engaged to do better. So if you start with a count of 10 then make it 15 after 1 week and so on.

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